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You are addicted to games, navigating a treacherous landscape that does not want you to leave, in search of the treasure that will set you free.

Play as a character who's only flaw is you.

An experimental game project I directed while studying at Bournemouth University. I wanted to explore narrative in games and was interested particularly in playing with a tragic structure. A traditional tragedy revolves around one flawed character, and as they are action based, games pose some interesting question:

How to design a game where narrative progression relies on player failure rather than success? How to design obstacles and challenges that overcome the player while still being rewarding. How to make the player complicit in the tragic conclusion so they feel it were truly the result of their own personal failing.

The prototype won "Best Interactive Experience" at Bournemouth, and was published on eWic and ACM scientific repositories.

George hulm break report 72

The Room

Many assets were photo-scanned, it was our first time and we used a cheap point and click camera.

George hulm break report 128

Entering Madness

One giant hollow mesh Sculpted in Zbrush, material uses a tiling 3D texture.

George hulm break report 4

Madness Breaking

Tesselating a mesh in the normal direction without crack free displacement results in this "fracture" effect.

George hulm break report 129
George hulm break report 3

A portal

Render targets were used to render the bedroom and a doorway which acts like a portal.

George hulm break report 92

Early Concept Art

George hulm break report 57

Photoscan for the Bedroom

Scanning props of this kind proved to be pretty difficult but the results turned out great in the end.