Overgrowth Levels

I was employed as a level designer/artist in the latter stages of Overgrowth's development.

My main responsibility was developing Levels from simple Whiteboxes into final quality levels using Wolfire's propriety Pheonix Engine. This included:

- Art Direction and Concept development
-Blocking out of primary forms
-Level Design iteration and adjustment
- Asset Placement
- Lighting and Look Development
- Some modelling and texturing

George hulm 592b0b1b7334cd7aa645bb31 level1 scenic

Overgrowth Intro

George hulm 592b0e757334cd7aa645bb54 rathq comparison

The Rats Swamp

George hulm 592b0d3d7334cd7aa645bb45 downlox

Before The Arena

George hulm 592b0c75dab23d14c24efb69 level1 bonfire

Second half of Level 1

George hulm 592b13c1ee79f47a883a8053 downlox 5

Icy Ravine

George hulm level1 water

Another View of Level 1

George hulm cave

The Cave

George hulm overgrowthscreenshot00087

Deadly Secrets

George hulm courtyard1

The Courtyard

George hulm downlox 4

Murky Atmoshpere

George hulm downlox 3

The Pit

George hulm level1 start

Level 1

George hulm downlox 2

The Sky Ark