Sky Sports Cricket Stadiums - Hawkeye

Working with the talented team at Hawkeye Innovations in Bristol to deliver real-time cricket analysis on Sky, for the 2019 Ashes and Cricket World Cup. As the sole technical artist I was responsible for implementing old models, Optimizing, Lighting, Materials and general Lookdev. As well as this I researched and developed an approach to draw thousands of crowd members complete with animations, and realistic turf.

Models were provided by Hawkeye Innovations with additional modelling work by Finn Connolly.

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The Oval Stadium

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Custom Foliage Shader on Speedtree "London Plane" asset.

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Lords Stadium

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Optimized Scanned model provided by Hawkeye, Materials and Lighting.

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Trajectory and Stripey Visualization

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Trajectory and Stripey Visualization

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The final result as seen on TV

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An early stress test of the crowds. 16000 actors running at over 60 fps on a GTX 1070.